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Maude Kerns Art Center Presents
Natural Interplay:

Jenny E. Balisle, Ned Block
& Ann Chadwick Reid

Exhibit Dates:
July 18 – August 29, 2014

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 18, 6 – 8 pm

The Maude Kerns Art Center presents “Natural Interplay,” opening on Friday, July 18, with a public reception from 6 - 8pm, and featuring the work of California artist Jenny E. Balisle and Washington artists Ned Block and Ann Chadwick Reid. Using different mediums and focusing on the interplay of simple and complex forms, these three artists explore their relationship to the natural and manmade environment. “Natural Interplay” is on view through Friday, August 29.

Jenny E. Balisle displays pen and ink drawings and wall-hung installations made of heated, laser-cut acrylic sheets. Two of her pen and ink drawings were inspired by the environs of the Maude Kerns Art Center itself, including an architectural detail and the pattern of branches in the trees on the grounds.

Sculptor Ned Block creates birds and organic forms using cast resin, steel, and other metals. He emphasizes how the parts relate to the whole and invites his viewers to “look around the corner” to see what’s on the back side. Although images of birds make up much of Block’s subject matter, what drives his work are the principles of form, balance, and motion.

Ann Chadwick Reid displays intricately cut silhouette pieces that depict plants, animals, and birds, and particularly the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest island where she lives. Drawn on heavy black paper and cut with an exacto knife, her silhouettes reveal Reid’s love of drawing.


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